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Welfare Guardians Trusts are organisations set up to provide approved volunteers who then apply to the NZ Family Courts to be appointed Welfare Guardians for people who are unable to make or communicate decisions regarding their own personal care and welfare. Volunteers are appointed by the Courts when there is no local or no suitable relative available.

Welfare Guardians have NO AUTHORITY over the property or assets of the person they are appointed for, their powers are legally limited to care and welfare decisions.

Each Trust receives applications from local volunteers who then complete an approval process, including a Police Check. Approved volunteers are trained by the Trust before applying to the Courts to be appointed as a Welfare Guardian. The Trust provides on-going support for each volunteer.

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Welfare Guardian Trusts do NOT offer legal advice - if you wish to seek legal advice or clarification of the law please contact a lawyer, or your local Public Trust, or your local Community Law Service.

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